How to order:

Please list items by part number (F-001)  Scale (1:32) and quantity wanted (x2)

Please give your name and shipping address, or at least destination country. We ship anywhere the United States Post Office allows. 

New shipping rates:

Domestic:  $4.50 for all packages of any size.


International:  $7.50 for orders over $50, actual postage for orders under $50.

Orders totaling under $50 will almost certainly be  under 1 pound  (453.5g). Estimated postage for these packages is currently $8.50 for Canada,  $13.50 for South America, Britain, and E.U. and  $13.75 for orders to Asia and Australia.  These are subject to change, based on USPS rates.

Any orders without any destination information will be charged international shipping.

Please email your order to

You will receive an invoice via email.  Click the PayPal button in the email, and we’ll get your order processed.  I try to ship orders within a few days of receiving them, but factors such as low stock or bad weather can cause delays.



If you have any questions about Immense Miniatures you can email us at:


Because of disruptions in deliveries, due to both Covid-19 and problems within the United States Postal Service, we are forced to rescind our lost parcel replacement policy for the time being.  If you are a customer in the U.K. or Europe, please consider ordering our products from RS Slot Racing in the U.K.   

Here is the link to their Immense Miniatures page:

Our apologies for the inconvenience.  We hope this will be a short-lived situation.